Rock Climbing in Kerala


In the shortest answer, it means “going vertical.” But that can include sport climbing in a gym, bouldering without ropes (either at the gym or outside) close to the ground with spotters or crash pads in case you fall, cragging at local outcrops that require use of climbing ropes but no hikes to get to the rock, and alpine climbing, where you travel on foot quite a distance to get to your destination.

Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport, full of danger, thrills, and the overwhelming feeling of victory having climbed up a cliff face. Rock climbing is also physically and mentally demanding, combining the need for great physical endurance, nerves of steel, a high strength to weight ratio, and the ability to “read” the wall and choose the best route to climb.

The sport needs one to be physically and mentally strong because this activity is truly the testing of ones stamina and grit.

Kerala Rock Climbing Destinations

In Kerala there is the option of different rock climbing as either free climbing

Downhill Mountain Biking Taking The Plunge

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From its rather ordinary beginnings on the sporting scene, mountain biking been transformed into an activity so challenging that it has been classed by some as an extreme sport. And each category of mountain biking, because it requires a specific set of skills, has developed its own group of enthusiasts. The one thing that all the categories of mountain biking have in common is that their adrenaline-buzz-producing maneuvers are bringing people into the sport in unprecedented numbers.

The form of mountain biking most likely to appeal to fans of the Mega Roller Coasters is downhill mountain biking. If you can picture a downhill skier, and replace the skis with a bike plunging down a mountain, its wheels airborne almost as much as they are in contact with the ground, you’ll have the basic idea. And if the mere idea of downhill mountain biking gets you jazzed, what do you think the actual experience will do?

DH, as downhill mountain biking is known in mountain biking circles, is in no way the same as riding a standard bicycle

Sky Jumping in New Zealand

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This destination is definitely NOT for the faint-hearted nor those who suffer from vertigo! It’s one of the southern hemisphere’s tallest structures — Auckland’s 328m Sky Tower.

According to the operators,”It took 2000 tonnes of reinforcing steel, 660 tonnes of structural steel and 15,000 cubic metres of concrete to erect it. It can withstand 200km/h winds, earthquakes up to eight on the Richter scale.”

If you’re lucky enough to be up there on a clear day, you can see for around 82km. The Sky Deck has seamless glass walls that give breathtaking 360ยบ views.

Even if you can’t come at the Jump, the three glass-fronted elevators can take 225 people to the observation levels every 15 minutes. And at 18km/h the ride takes just 40 seconds — and that’s scary enough for me!

If you’re one of those who would rather walk, there are 1267 steps from the base to the Sky Deck.

Sky Jump offers brave (read “foolhardy!”) people the chance to try the world’s highest land-based jump of

Preparing for a Day Hike

While the sunshine and the natural beauty will keep you occupied during a day hike, there are a few essential things that you should carry to make your hike comfortable and enjoyable. Read this post to know some of the must-haves for a day hike.

If you’re tired of your daily routine, a day hike with your friends or family is a great way to re-energise your body, mind, and soul. But irrespective of whether this is your first hike or you take one on a regular basis, the best way to enjoy the hike is with the correct hiking gears and accessories.

While many of the hiking accessories depend on the destination, weather, and even your hiking experience, there are a few that you need for each of your hike. Some of the most important essentials for a day hike are listed below-

  1. Backpack or Daypack

No matter if you are going for a short 2-mile hike or a 10-mile loop, you surely need a backpack or daypack to carry all the essentials in an organised manner. Depending on the approximate distance of your hikes, you can select the right size of the

Rock Climbing Basics

Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport and one that is growing in popularity. Today, people of all ages are taking up this fun but physically demanding activity. Many aspects of rock climbing appeal to those partaking in this sport, but one thing which stands out most is that this is an activity that can be done both indoors and out.

Man-made rock climbing walls are perfect for training and for when the weather conditions outside are less than desirable. Indoor rock climbing walls are a great way to learn the various rock climbing techniques while being under the careful watch of more experienced rock climbing professionals. Because they’re made to resemble the characteristics you’d find in a natural rock environment, many rock climbers never even venture outdoors. But for those who do, the outdoors experience is truly unique and awe-inspiring.

Countless rock climbing opportunities await those who do venture outdoors. Not all rocks though are optimum for the rock climber. First in importance is whether the rock face can be traversed horizontally or vertically. Equally important is that the rocks chosen for rock climbing must be solid rocks and they

BASE Jumping Basics

BASE jumping is an extreme sport and has many followers. BASE is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth, where building refers to man-made structures; antenna refers to uninhabited structures like oil wells and antenna masts; spans refers to structures that span a distance like bridges; and Earth refers to natural structures like ridges and cliffs. In BASE jumping, jumpers jump from any of these spots with just a parachute.

BASE jumping has been around for a long time. The earliest recorded jump was in 1912 when Frederick Law jumped off the Statue of Liberty. During that time, BASE jumping was more the stunt aspect than competition. However, in the late 1970s things changed and BASE jumping was termed by Carl Boenish, who died during BASE jumping in 1984.

BASE jumping can be extremely dangerous considering the fact that the parachute can malfunction or human error can cause serious injuries or instantaneous death. However, BASE jumping enthusiasts make sure that they check their gear thoroughly and follow the basic rules.

It is important to check the parachute before attempting BASE jumping. The jumps are usually executed

How to Build Dirt Bike Jumps

Are you sick of not being able to clear the jumps at your local tracks? Do other riders not like you because you’re always in their way? A simple way to fix this is to build your own jumps in your yard. Although building a jump might not be easy without good equipment, it will be worth it once you make a jump or two because you will learn how to clear these obstacles in no time.


The first thing you want to do is find an area where to put the jump. You probably don’t want to build it next to trees or big pits until you are more experienced. The ground does not have to be flat though. In fact, a little slant or elevation change will make it a easier to build a jump because you can dig into ground for the take-off. Once you found a good spot for your dirt bike jump you should have some other thoughts in mind, such as: what type of jump you want, how big the jump will be, and what kind of dirt you will use.

Base Jump Thailand

Tim Emmett – Base Jumper
“Not another one” said Tim into his mobile, “that’s five so far this year. How did he die?”

Tim is a professional rock climber and base jumper. In order to attract sponsorship and patronage, he must always push the limits of what is safe and sensible – on second thoughts, please cancel the word ‘sensible’, because what Tim does for a living can in no way be classified as sensible. No life insurance company in the world would touch Tim. I just hope he at least makes it till middle age, because as well as being an adrenaline junkie par excellence Tim is also a very nice guy. This is because he’s a very happy man. His appeal is enhanced by the fact that he always seems so deliriously jolly.

He’s so nice that those of us who are not as happy as he is can maybe forgive him for being so. No doubt he’s so happy because he’s always having such a huge amount of fun, living completely in the moment and not worrying about unimportant things like living past thirty. Maybe fatherhood would

Essential Rock Climbing Equipment For Climbers at Every Level

Rock Climbing Equipment – Just like any other sporting gear

Rock Climbing is quickly becoming one of the most popular sports in the world, and this is largely due to the advances in technology of rock climbing equipment. Over the last twenty years, further research in bolting technique and the creating of Cams has made climbing a largely accessible sport, taking you to places that you ordinarily wouldn’t attempt to travel.

Rock Climbing Equipment can be divided into several different types. Based on what type of climbing you’re doing, it will vary – whether you’re going to stay in the gym, get outdoors and sports climb, or participate in trad climbing.

Rock Climbing Equipment that you’ll need for each type of climbing is as follows:

  • Indoor Top-Rope Climbing: Harness, Climbing Shoes, Chalk Bag (optional).

  • Sports Climbing: Harness, Climbing Shoes, Chalk Bag, Dynamic Climbing Rope, Belay Device, Helmet, Sling with attached Carabiner (personal protection), Quickdraws, and 4 carabiners with long slings to set up a top-rope anchor.

  • Trad Climbing: As per the Sport Climbing rack, although you will also need pieces of protection to set in the rock, which

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor Climbing is a derivative of Rock Climbing in which people scale artificial Climbing walls. These are manmade walls that climbing holds are attached to in order to mimic actual mountain walls. Ultimately, Indoor Climbing imitates the feel of real Rock Climbing, but in a controlled environment. The techniques, equipment, and guiding principles are comparable to those of Rock Climbing. The sport’s concept is simple: Climbing walls are bolted with holds and are located under a roof so as to be considered as a venue for Indoor Climbing.

Indoor Climbing had started to become widely known during the 80s when Indoor Rock Climbing gyms played an important role in introducing many people to Climbing. The gyms provided a safe, comfortable environment which accommodated to beginners and advanced climbers. Indoor Climbing’s popularity increased even more when people started to offer lessons to those who are interested in it. There are other reasons why some people choose to do Indoor Climbing. Some areas either don’t have a good natural wall to scale or it is just to dangerous to climb them because of bad weather or loose and falling rocks. Also, gyms are more accessible

How to Rock Climb Indoors is a Great Place to Start

As with any sport or activity we need a starting point. The same applies when one would like to learn how to rock climb. Old wisdom would say that, if you wanted to learn a particular skill, seek the community that is engaging in that skill, and go join them.

So taking some “old wisdom” advice, the options are, find the nearest outdoor rock climbing club and join up, or find the nearest indoor rock climbing gym and pay it a visit.

I find the latter option, visiting an indoor rock climbing gym, to be a more subtle and smooth introduction when learning how to rock climb. It has the added benefit of meeting and socialising with others whom share the same enthusiasm as you, for this wonderful sport.

What to expect on your first visit to the indoor rock climbing gym?

The well trained, experienced and friendly staff will go through with you the most important aspect of learning how to rock climb… SAFETY. The introduction to safety covers, each piece of the equipment, its purpose, how to use the equipment, and how

Base Jumping For Beginners Principles of Successful Remote Team Leadership


This article looks at the basic considerations for any team leader/manager implementing the switch to flexible/remote working teams.

Staff Suitability

Teams which tend to fit easily into the remote worker/team mould have the following common characteristics

– They are either knowledge workers or back office admin staff

– They approach their work in a mature, disciplined and self motivated way.

– Their work is task/project focused in nature. This is important so that you as a manager can you measure actual against expected performance reliably.

The thing you need to be aware of is that not everyone is capable of adapting to
remote working. Where commercial constraints require a retail focus or a client side sales focus home working can be used as a staging point/temporary base for admin purposes – but cannot be even considered as a full time place of employment for staff.

Remember: Providing the wrong facilities to employees can be very costly to your business. Staff resources are, and will continue to be your most important and

Downhill Mountain Biking

Extreme sports are getting more and more popular these days. Mountain biking attracts daredevils from all over the world who like to have an “adventure sport experience”.

The term mountain biking includes many different styles. The range is from gentle types such as cross country where you ride up and down the hills, and cyclo cross, which is a combination between mountain biking and road biking, to more ‘extreme’ styles. Downhill biking is one of the more extreme types and it is also one of the most popular forms of mountain biking.

In downhill mountain biking as the name implies, you only ride down the hills. The bike and the biker get transported up to the top by a lift and then begin the thrilling ride down. What you’re aiming for is to get to the bottom of the hill as fast as possible, managing to pass all the obstacles. The situations that occur often get pretty extreme. This includes jumps that can be up to twelve meters long, dropping three meters and other kinds of rough conditions that you can find on a mountain slope.