Mountain Bikes And Their Varieties

When it comes to buying a mountain bike, you have a wide range of mountain bikes to choose from. All sorts of mountain bicycles are now available from which you can choose the one, which best suits your personality and your riding style. The following are the guidelines that will help you to buy your dream mountain bike.

1. Cross country.
There is not any bike, which does not fall in this category. These types of bikes are very light in weight and are very comfortable to ride on different kinds of mountain tracks. You can comfortably ride up hills as well as down hills. These bikes are widely used even on the city roads for everyday commuting.

2. Downhill
These sorts of cycles are mainly meant for those bikers who have a great passion for adventurous riding. Downhill bicycles have been designed with front and rear suspension, hard body frame, and disc brakes. Moreover, many rides rarely buy downhill bikes off the shelf. They prefer to buy a bike designed by them, by giving their specifications to the bike manufacturing company.

3. Trials
Trial mountain bicycles are meant for highly professional rides. These bikes require a biker to possess all kinds of riding skills. These bikes are also considered as sports bikes. Like downhill cycles, many riders too can get their bikes designed based on their specifications. Hence, most of the bikers rarely buy such bikes off the shelf.

4. Jump and Slalom
These types of cycles are specifically made for track racing, slalom and jumping race. These bikes are made of very strong body frame with a front suspension. These bikes are gaining much popularity these days because of their unmatched qualities.

If you are willing to experience mountain biking for the first time, then the sport can bring much enjoyment to you. There is a wide range of bicycles available to choose from.

If you want to buy one for yourself, then it is advisable that you should try riding as many cycles as you can until you find the right choice that best suits your personality and riding style.