How to Choose a Mountain Bike

Everyone would love to purchase the bike of their dreams, but in reality, mountain bikes are available in a very wide price range. There are so many brands, sizes, prices… you need to do your research before you go out and buy one.

A few very important things to consider are:

1. What level biker are you–just taking up the sport, or are you an”experienced” biker?
2. How often are you going to be riding?
3. Where will you be riding? Most mountain bikes will fit into a set of categories: Cross Country (XC), All Mountain (Trail) Bikes (AMB/AtTB), FreeRide and Downhill.

If you are an “entry level” biker, you may not want to buy a “top of the line” mountain bike until you get used to riding and know for sure that this is a sport you will continue with. Of course, some of the “top of the line” mountain bikes are so light, you may end up loving the sport or, if you buy a poor bike, you may not enjoy the sport of mountain biking at all. You also need to consider where and

A Little Bit About Rock Climbing Gear

If you are interested in the sport of rock climbing, you should know something about it before you begin, specifically you should know about all the different types of rock climbing gear you will need in order to enjoy this sport in a safe manner.

You will first need a good pair of shoes as one of the most important elements of your rock-climbing gear. Your rock-climbing shoes should be comfortable with a tight fit, but no so tight that it is painful.

You will need things like belay and rappel devices, carabiners, chalkbags and chalk, harnesses, helmets and climbing holds just to name a few of the items you will need to complete your rock-climbing gear essentials. You will also need some type of bag to carry it. b>Rock climbing gear can get expensive if you aren’t careful. It is important to do your homework so you can find the best deals you can for your rock-climbing gear.

You can’t just buy any old rock-climbing gear either. You will depend on this equipment for your life and perhaps your climbing partner’s life as well. As much

Extreme Parachuting and B A S E Jumping Future Concept

Probably the most dangerous sport known to man is BASE Jumping. We have all seen pictures and videos of these daredevils as they purposely jump off a Bridge, Building, Antenna, Cliff or various pieces of infrastructure and then pop their parachute just prior to splatting on the ground. Hello Earth!

In the last few years extreme parachuting and BASE jumping has become a very popular as there are always plenty of spectators to watch the death defying feats and those who dare to deliver the goods are in for the adrenaline rush of their lives. Unfortunately this is a sport, which claims many lives each year and is even more dangerous than being an astronaut or racing NASCAR.

It is for this reason I propose some safety features for those who are getting started in BASE jumping to help with their training as they attempt the sport of extreme parachuting. I propose using the latest cutting edge and state of the art Holographic Technologies, which are getting closer to becoming reality using 3D and 4D projection.

The BASE Jumper would just prior to the attempt turn on

Rock Climbing in Kerala


In the shortest answer, it means “going vertical.” But that can include sport climbing in a gym, bouldering without ropes (either at the gym or outside) close to the ground with spotters or crash pads in case you fall, cragging at local outcrops that require use of climbing ropes but no hikes to get to the rock, and alpine climbing, where you travel on foot quite a distance to get to your destination.

Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport, full of danger, thrills, and the overwhelming feeling of victory having climbed up a cliff face. Rock climbing is also physically and mentally demanding, combining the need for great physical endurance, nerves of steel, a high strength to weight ratio, and the ability to “read” the wall and choose the best route to climb.

The sport needs one to be physically and mentally strong because this activity is truly the testing of ones stamina and grit.

Kerala Rock Climbing Destinations

In Kerala there is the option of different rock climbing as either free climbing

History of Rock Climbing

The history of rock climbing dates back to the late 19th century. Although Colorado was home for the earliest rock climbers, the place became popular for rock climbing only by the turn of the 20th century.

Rock climbing was earlier seen as a part of mountaineering; mountaineers indulged in rock climbing in preparation for a climbing expedition. Early climbers in Germany and Great Britain were passionate about this sport and set remarkable standards of rock climbing. By the 1920’s, rock climbing started gaining a foothold in the United States.

Aid climbing and free climbing are two traditional climbing methods. Aid climbing involves the use of climbing equipment whereas free climbing depends only on the ability, skill, and physical strength of the climber. During the early days, free climbing was the only method of rock climbing. Early explorers used climbing equipment only if they were unable to advance even beyond a hard move.

During the mid-1960’s, American climbers found that the piton used in aid climbing considerably damaged the rocks. This led to the invention of slinging machine nuts, an alternative for the piton. The tradition of combining

Downhill Mountain Biking Taking The Plunge

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From its rather ordinary beginnings on the sporting scene, mountain biking been transformed into an activity so challenging that it has been classed by some as an extreme sport. And each category of mountain biking, because it requires a specific set of skills, has developed its own group of enthusiasts. The one thing that all the categories of mountain biking have in common is that their adrenaline-buzz-producing maneuvers are bringing people into the sport in unprecedented numbers.

The form of mountain biking most likely to appeal to fans of the Mega Roller Coasters is downhill mountain biking. If you can picture a downhill skier, and replace the skis with a bike plunging down a mountain, its wheels airborne almost as much as they are in contact with the ground, you’ll have the basic idea. And if the mere idea of downhill mountain biking gets you jazzed, what do you think the actual experience will do?

DH, as downhill mountain biking is known in mountain biking circles, is in no way the same as riding a standard bicycle

Rock Climbing Requires Stamina and a Strong Body

To succeed at rock climbing it is essential that a person have enough strength and stamina and through a proper rock climbing training regime this can easily be achieved. Thus, it is important that you train in a manner that ensures that your body can withstand the physical stress that such a sport involves; especially when you start to attempt the more difficult and advanced climbs.

Taxing Sport

Rock climbing is a popular sport, with no doubts to that fact and the rock climber is presented with may challenges and only with sufficient experience as well as stamina can this be successfully performed by the climber. If you are wondering just why is this sport becoming so popular these days, well there are a number of reasons, including the fact that it is performed outdoors, provides a chance to exercise strenuously, and it provides an individualistic challenge to each rock climber as well.

It is also usual for rock climbers to work as a team of two in which one does the climbing while the other does the belaying. Normally, belaying refers to feeding the rope to

Bored With Skydiving Try These Base Jumping Destinations

BASE jumping has been popularised in a number of films, including second Laura Croft Tomb Raider, several James Bonds and xXx. It is also a growing favourite among extreme sportsmen and women who tire of the thrill of skydiving. The BASE in BASE jumping stands for Buildings, Antennae, Spans and Earth, which are the four categories of fixed objects from which participants can jump.

People have been BASE jumping for decades (recorded jumps go back to the 1960s) but it was film-maker Carl Boenish who first coined the term. In 1978, Boenish filmed the first BASE jumps made with ram-air parachutes using the freefall tracking technique. The jumps were made from El Capitan, in Yosemite National Park.

BASE jumping is more dangerous than skydiving: firstly, BASE jumpers have less distance to play with; they fall at lower speeds and have less aerodynamic control. They have to time the moment to open their parachutes perfectly and to do that they need to ensure that they are stable. A good launch is essential as a poor one can put the jumper into a tumble and tumbling compounds the difficulties of opening the

Mountain Bikes And Their Varieties

When it comes to buying a mountain bike, you have a wide range of mountain bikes to choose from. All sorts of mountain bicycles are now available from which you can choose the one, which best suits your personality and your riding style. The following are the guidelines that will help you to buy your dream mountain bike.

1. Cross country.
There is not any bike, which does not fall in this category. These types of bikes are very light in weight and are very comfortable to ride on different kinds of mountain tracks. You can comfortably ride up hills as well as down hills. These bikes are widely used even on the city roads for everyday commuting.

2. Downhill
These sorts of cycles are mainly meant for those bikers who have a great passion for adventurous riding. Downhill bicycles have been designed with front and rear suspension, hard body frame, and disc brakes. Moreover, many rides rarely buy downhill bikes off the shelf. They prefer to buy a bike designed by them, by giving their specifications to the bike manufacturing company.

3. Trials
Trial mountain bicycles

Rock Climbing Gym

For people who have experienced rock climbing, nothing beats the outdoors in climbing hills, mountains, and boulders on a perfect weather. But what do you do when it is raining, or on the onset of winter? Take a rain check or hibernate?

Rock climbers should not worry about missing a beat when they itch for a good climb. Rock climbing can be experienced indoors with specifically designed rock climbing gym to imitate the real terrain. Artificial rock climbing environments provide climbers a venue for different skill level, whether to train, improve, or even learn the ropes of rock climbing as a sport.

A rock climbing gym is a spacious, having high walls that are straight, angled or carved in at the top (usually called steep overhangs), which aims to stimulate the shape and difficulty of rocks and boulders on the sides of mountains. It provides the outdoors inside. Rock climbing gyms are not meant for the experienced alone. Through the years, many people who are looking for an alternative fitness routine consider doing indoor rock climbing gyms. There is an increasing trend of people introducing themselves to rock climbing indoors.