Rock Climbing in Kerala


In the shortest answer, it means “going vertical.” But that can include sport climbing in a gym, bouldering without ropes (either at the gym or outside) close to the ground with spotters or crash pads in case you fall, cragging at local outcrops that require use of climbing ropes but no hikes to get to the rock, and alpine climbing, where you travel on foot quite a distance to get to your destination.

Rock climbing is an exhilarating sport, full of danger, thrills, and the overwhelming feeling of victory having climbed up a cliff face. Rock climbing is also physically and mentally demanding, combining the need for great physical endurance, nerves of steel, a high strength to weight ratio, and the ability to “read” the wall and choose the best route to climb.

The sport needs one to be physically and mentally strong because this activity is truly the testing of ones stamina and grit.

Kerala Rock Climbing Destinations

In Kerala there is the option of different rock climbing as either free climbing or aid climbing. In free climbing you will be provided with ropes and gears for safety In the case of a fall. But in aid climbing a passage up a piece of rock is engineered by using equipment placed in the rock for upward progress. The training for adventurous rock climbing sport is available at different locations of Kerala.

The picturesque dam site of Kakkayam, teeming with exotic wild life, offers excellent rock climbing opportunities. The best time to visit is between November and April. Munnar and other places offers rock climbing in Kerala. Rock climbing in India is popular all over Kerala.

For those with an overdose of adrenalin and those willing to test their adventurous spirit would find the adventure zone of Thenmala with a quite thrilling experience. Those who need to give their body muscles a real work can go for a rock climbing at Thenmla. Kerala adventure rappelling is popular.

Thrills behind Rock Climbing

In this sport, like other sports, the body is controlled through mental power and means going beyond oneself. Those who want to be agile and mentally strong, rock climbing is, perhaps the best one to start. It’s an incomparable sensation to be high on a wall, moving with precision on the edge of space.

Your concentration is focused on a crucial move and in that one perfect moment you deftly swing up and lock onto the handhold. Nowadays the rock climbing is a safe, exciting and challenging activity within the capabilities of most active people. The desire to climb is natural for most adventurous people and moving up a near vertical rock face with body and mind working in harmony is a great thrill.

The rock climbing is also a group sport. The lot more fun lies behind the group work. It is not only a fun but also good for you because it works the back muscles, forearms, and biceps. Obviously it is an exciting workout.

Rock Climbing in Kerala has become a major sport which needs physical strength and endurance; it poses a different kind of challenge, excitement, and adrenaline rush. This is probably one of the many reasons why a lot of people are so excited about this activity.